Transitioning Services

Pacific Doula Services 
has MOVED!

Logistics Brief: Pacific Doula Services, LLC has relocated services from the San Francisco Bay Area in sunny, breezy California to its new home in tree-studded, rain(bow)-soaked Seattle, Washington. During this transition, there will be a brief shift in services provided. Follow the journey updates (here). Find what you are looking for, below.

Here is why: 

June 2013: The last few months have sped by me at an alarming rate; in the same way that you pass through the events of your dreams, I have not been afforded a lot of time to process all that has happened. The highlight reel version: I was recently accepted to the naturopathic medicine program at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. I will begin my courses in July 2013 (meaning I am moving from the Bay Area in mid-June). I intend to receive a dual degree and graduate in five years as a naturopathic doctor and midwife (that's 2018 folks!).

This is a significant shift for me. This is a significant shift for all of my friends, family, and community. I cannot adequately express my excitement and trepidation at knowing that so much is changing so quickly. But, I am happy to have this space to share with you my journey as a holistic health care provider. Thank you for your support during this transition -- I look forward to continuing to share myself with this virtual community as I make my way through my studies and eventually into my work as a naturopathic doctor and midwife.

Services provided in the Seattle/Kenmore area

New services in the works

  • Blog updates, reporting on all the holistic health goodies I come across in my educational training
  • Zine series, marrying my various interests in a hand-crafted, digestible format
  • Workshop series development, beefing up the hands-on, skill-based workshop series; some specific topics already being developed:
    • Mindful Menstruation
    • Fertility Awareness
    • Pelvic Health Series

Virtual Services provided


BAY AREA FOLKS: If you are looking for a stellar referral to a birth professional in the Bay Area, I am happy to connect you with a list of folks that I highly recommend. Feel free to reach out by email for a specific referral, or check out my local resource list.