Client Testimonials

"Jessica is AMAZING! It's difficult to find words strong enough to describe how incredibly valuable she was to us approaching, during and after our daughter's birth.
At first, we weren't sure we would hire a childbirth doula. I wasn't sure I would feel comfortable with a "stranger" in the delivery room. But after our initial meeting with Jessica, we were hooked!
Her peaceful, friendly, and approachable demeanor instantly drew my hubby and me in. She made us feel comfortable with whatever options we wanted to go with. No pressure at all. I instantly felt comfortable with her, and felt I could be 100% myself around her. She answers questions with a vast range of knowledge and hands-on experience.
Jessica supported us in whatever way we needed/wanted, instead of pushing her beliefs. She is flexible and understanding of all different situations. She helped me feel empowered as a woman/mother to give birth to our daughter the way I wanted. She also supported my husband through the process of becoming a father, and included him as an active participant in the birthing process, too.
She even went out and got us In-and-Out burger after the birth!!! YUM-O! How cool is that!?
I recommend Jessica to any soon-to-be or new parents, every chance I get! Anyone interested in or in need of support and guidance through childbirth should do themselves a favor and contact Jessica."

Michelle, Chris & Lil Emma Pizzo