Placenta Preparation

The human placenta is an organ which connects the developing baby to its mother. It supports the baby with all of its nutrition and oxygen, and additionally eliminates the baby's waste and carbon dioxide.

Approximately 80% of women experience some sort of postpartum mood imbalance -- from "baby blues" to Postpartum Depression, a serious condition. It is believed that placentophagy, or the consumption of the placenta, is a way to balance out a mother's hormone levels after childbirth, helping to prevent steep drops that can cause such conditions.

Placentophagy has been shown to replenish vitamin and mineral levels lost from the body after birth, increase milk production, and lessen postnatal bleeding. If consumed later in life, the placenta can help balance mood swings during menopause and other big life changes.

Pacific Doula Services currently offers Placenta Services to mothers in the greater Bay Area. 

These services include: 

  • Placenta Encapsulation Services (Traditional Chinese Medicine or Raw Method)
  • Placenta Tinctures & Essences
  • Placenta Powders
  • Raw Placenta Smoothies
  • Framed Placenta Prints

These preparations are discreet, clean, and effective. I adhere to OSHA Guidelines for Bloodborne Pathogen Transmission & Infection Prevention, as well as EPA guidelines for sanitation and safe food handling.

For more information or for a consultation, please contact me. I do my best to accommodate all requests, however as with my other services, the sooner you contact me in your pregnancy, the better.

Click Here to View A Slideshow of My Placenta Preparation Process
(Warning: Graphic Content)