Childbirth Preparation

Dynamic, organic, gourmet childbirth classes -- Small-group and Private sessions to fit your needs

Complete preparation for any possible thing that arises in birth! We focus on doing the next best thing, in love and awareness.

Topics covered 

  • Building a Pain-coping Mindset -- tried and true ways of managing pain (emotional and physical), a different one in each class! We spend more than 1/3 of each class on pain coping practices
  • Navigating LaborLand -- Not a regurgitation of Obstetrical Information; rather, assistance in self-discovery where you uncover your own best ways of coping with the unknown of labor and birth
  • Three Kinds of Knowing -- Primordial knowing (your innate maternal instinct), Modern knowing (being savvy about what's happening in the hospital), and *most* importantly, Knowing thyself (before you can know where you are going, you need to know from where you came and where you stand now).
  • Exploring Possibilities -- We serve the whole birth pie, not just a sliver of "ideal" birth scenarios. Those are easy to fantasize about and nearly impossible to achieve!
  • Fathers and Partners -- We acknowledge that fathers and partners are opening to the profound power of birth too! We share practical tips for coping -- yours AND hers -- and what's really needed from you to support the birth process.
  • Working Through Fears -- Cage a birth tiger once and for all!
  • When Medical Support Is Needed -- How to give birth from within, even when an epidural or cesarean birth becomes necessary.
  • Looking Ahead to Postpartum Life -- What you *really* need to line up in order to have a smooth postpartum transition.


Check out Birthing From Within and be sure to check out this special section for parents: “Philosophical Assumptions and Guiding Principles”