Nurse-Family Partnership & SF Peninsula Doula

This morning, I had the opportunity to meet with the amazing team at Nurse-Family Partnership, a San Mateo County program that opened its doors in August 2012 to teenage parents.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a program for [young] women who are having their first baby. If you enroll, a registered nurse will visit you in your home throughout pregnancy and continue to visit until your baby is 2 years old. Nurse-Family Partnership is FREE to all eligible women.

I am proud to announce that Pacific Doula Services, LLC will be partnering with the nurses of NFP to offer doula support to teenage parents who are participating in this program.

To find out more about NFP, find more information here.

To find out how to volunteer your services to the families of NFP, connect with me.


Gena Kirby's Rebozo Workshop Coming to SF Pensinsula Doula in January 2013

Join San Francisco Peninsula Doula in welcoming Gena Kirby, of Progressive Parenting Radio, to the Bay Area!

Gena will be traveling to the Bay Area in late January 2013, and we are lucky to have her pop into the Peninsula to offer an evening workshop!

Interested in learning about the history of the rebozo? Learn how midwives in Mexico have used the rebozo for centuries to provide comfort, re I will share how midwives in Mexico have used it for centuries to provide comfort relaxation and strength to women in labor. The class is broken up into three parts. There will be a break for 45 minutes for lunch.

We will go over how to encourage a malpositioned baby to move, and how to empower the birth partner. The rebozo brings everyone participating in labor together.

We will be hosting a four-hour workshop that covers twenty (20) different techniques of the Rebozo. We will also have the opportunity to enjoy a special discussion on Brain Wave Lengths in Labor. There will be a 45-minute break for us to share a potluck meal.

When/Where: Friday, Jan 25, 2013 - 5pm to 9pm

This workshop will be hosted in San Mateo, in my living room. Attendance is capped at 12 folks. 

The cost is $75 for the first 7 people who register; $100 for the last few registrants. 

Pregnant folks/couples are encouraged to attend! If you have any clients that want to attend it's $65 per couple. We are also reserving 3 spots for teenage parents & low-income folks - please contact me for details.

Registration & Details:


Expect plenty of laughter and some tears as we journey together in this workshop celebrating the history and wisdom of the rebozo.


Accepting Apprentice Doula Program Applications

Pacific Doula Services, LLC is seeking an apprentice doula in the SF Bay Area!

Hive Five!In the most recent months, my business has hit a growth spurt. While growth in any business is warmly welcomed, I have found the needs of my business outgrowing my small one-womyn operation. Partnership has always been an option, but as so many doulas operate their businesses differently, finding someone whose functions/fashions match my own is like finding the perfect baby carrier that meets all of your needs.

For some time, I have also recognized a need in the doula community to connect newer doulas with the training, networking, and support necessary to develop their doula practice philosophy and practical skills. 

And at the same time, there is a need within the community to connect families with the doula support that suits their needs and budgets. Oftentimes, families in need go without the support they need and deserve, because they are unable to connect with someone in the doula community who is willing and/or able to support them.

All of these considerations came to a head for me this month, and I finally decided that I have the capacity and desire to welcome (with open arms) an apprentice doula into my practice.

What is an Apprentice Doula?

An apprentice is an individual who works with a mentor to learn a trade. An Apprentice Doula amasses necessary skills & education, practices under the supervision of (and in collaboration with) the Mentor Doula, and participates in community building by offering services to a larger number of individuals and families.

My training was a mosaic of learnings from my study materials, workshop trainings, and the wisdoms shared and relationships built with more experienced doulas. As a newer doula, I felt that my formal training lacked a great deal. I had the opportunity to work with many marvelous doulas under the informal capacity of "apprentice" -- the many informal training situations I built were where I learned my greatest lessons with the support of someone who had walked before me. For these relationships, I am eternally grateful.

Inspired (and compelled) to offer the opportunity to newer doulas in my community, I did my best to pay-it-forward. But the informal mentor/apprentice relationship is still a model that is lacking.

With the guidance of those that have walked before me, I confidently open my doors to the opportunity to work with talented and passionate folks to build a community that is body-positive, sex-positive, birth-positive, and love-positive. 

How Do I Apply?

That's easy. Applications are open now! Read up on the what participation in the Apprentice Program entails before you apply.

The intensive apprenticeship program is structured in a way to give you the tools to walk in the role of doula & community leader with confidence and competence. Thus, the program requires dedication and commitment of your time and energy. If you are ready to take the step to build your skills, I am ready to work with you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with me!

Special thanks:

To Madeleine Shernock, my life-midwife and shero (founder ofWelcome Home Doula Servies, of Davis/Sacramento, and Pacific Northwest Birth Services, of Eureka/Humboldt) and Claire Sloan, her protege and my pal -- you lovelies are an inspiration. 

To Jhoanna Galves, Diwati Doula, for being my kite-string & sista. 
And to my partner, Scootie, for being you (lolive).


Taking the Show on the Road

DIY Personal Lube SWAG!Autumn is underway and my Fall babies have almost all arrived (just waiting on sweet baby K, keeping her mama waiting!). With cool November around the corner, I find that there is a healthy gap in my schedule when I am NOT on call -- for that reason, I have decided to take my act on the road and visit the various awesome people I know in Northern California.

This also means that I will have the opportunity to host my workshops in new locales. Please join me and my marvelous hosts for one of my many DIY workshops or get-to-know-your-services teas!!

What Everybody Ought to Know About DIY Personal Lubricants

The Secrets of Homemade Edible Aphrodisiacs

Meet the Doula -- Come have tea with me and find out about the kinds of services I provide as a full-spectrum doula + somatic sex educator. Please let me know if you would like to set up a private consultation.

Many, many thanks in advance to all of my hosts! You folks are rad <3


Of Pelvic Proportions

In the past few months, I have reported on my love affair with some very specific organs of the mammalian body. Inspired by the autumnal urge to stay in a warm bed longer and read up on the various midwifery and womyn’s health materials, I am dedicating this lunar cycle to a very important bodily feature: The Pelvis.

While not technically an organ, I heart the pelvis. The foundational structure from which the rest of our body springs (the leg bone’s connected to the pel-vis), the pelvis cradles many of our vital organs and is the energetic powerhouse that seeds two of the seven charkas (the root and sacral chakras). The sophisticated relationship of bony structures, muscles, and connective tissues create the important basin that supports our ability to walk, sit, and stand. Not to mention, playing an important role in activities like sex, pregnancy, and birth.

In the birth community, the discussions surrounding the pelvis take many permutations: pelvimetry (the measurements of bony pelvic dimensions); cephalopelvic measurements (comparing the dimensions of the maternal pelvis and the fetal head); pelvic fascia function & imbalances; implications of pelvic health & dysfunctions; and caring for the perineum.

This month, I intend to spend some time examining the recent discussions and developments that surround the pelvis. Inspired by my exploration into producing a functional model pelvis for my doula services and childbirth education series, the education I received at a few workshops I attended, and the handful of birth I attended in the recent weeks, I believe it is the perfect time to focus some energy on exploring the pelvis.

Someone got sleepy studying the bony structure of the pelvis. My pup, Riley, loves to help me work out my knitting patterns for my educational tools ♥

My paper model, made out of recycled paper.This series of posts will hopefully open up a discussion of pelvic function and health. I welcome questions -- please do not hesitate to leave comments or shoot me an email.

To get you started on with pelvis appreciation, take a look at this simple DIY paper model of the pelvis, brought to you by Hesperian (p.7). This pelvis can easily be constructed out of recycled paper (or construction paper for something a little more sturdy) –- not really display quality, but a great jump-off point for understanding the shape of the bony structures of the pelvis. 


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